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What is an MBA: Master of Business Administration

 What is an MBA in layman terms

If you go by the dictionary definition an M.B.A. so what is an mba. it is a post graduate degree in business administration. M.B.A. or Masters in Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees among students over the world.But what is an MBA? The M.B.A. program is recognized worldwide and is considered as a major step towards a successful management career.


what is an mba


Interview Tips

A few Interview Tips to remember before we get into it…

Interviews are mostly about fit. That is to say, they are not about assessing whether or not your goal to be in banking makes sense for you. They aren’t looking to see whether or not your quant skills are up to par for your intended job. They are assessing, in effect, three things: 1) Do you have a well thought out idea of what you want to do and why? 2) Do you know why you want to come to school X? 3) Are you a normal personable individual who could “carry” the schools name?


Interview tips by Harvard business review

This a blog article by harvard business review  on  interview tips. Hope these Interview tips  help you in your interviews

Interview tips

Most people misconstrue the task that lies before them in the job interview. Some think the interview is a kind of test, and to pass it they must answer all the questions correctly. Others imagine that it’s all about finding out the interviewer’s secret passion for fly-fishing and spending the hour talking about how to cast.

Neither approach will get you the job. Instead, think of a job interview as having two purposes:

Interview tips by HBR

1 Establishing basic trust with the interviewer.

2 Giving the interviewer a few clear ideas about what you can do for the company.

Achieving both of these goals when you’re under pressure takes some planning and advance work. At the most fundamental level, you need to figure out how to align yourself with both the interviewer and the company. So begin by finding out as much as you can about both. Look for things you have in common with the person interviewing you and values you share with the company. Once you’ve done your homework, you’re ready to focus on the interview itself.

mba interview questions Compiled

Here are some mba interview questions to prepare for an upcoming interview, i compiled these mba interview questions from rhyme’s guide, accepted.com and clearadmit.com. thought others might find this useful. Please comment question you find interesting


mba interview questions

mba interview questions on Undergrad degree

1. Why did you choose your undergraduate major?
2. Tell me about a standout academic experience.
3. What was your favorite class in college?


More Interview tips

Interview Tips for shy interviewees ..

I am a very different person when i am blogging and totally different outside this world(blogging). Being a introvert i know the problem i faced during interviews. I came across a very good article and hence i am sharing it with you guys. Here is a interview tip. Since interviews are a big part of the admission procedure. In fact it is the most important part and it is what set you apart from other students even if your score are not up to the mark I will be updating you with other such interview tips, i hope you find this interview tip useful.

Transform Yourself

Now, do you want to know how can you transform yourself?

Following lines exactly reflect that experience, transformation I had to go through in this past 5 years

…. when you look into your heart, you’ll see that everyone’s afraid of something… But the corresponding truth is that we all have the capacity to overcome our fears, to make the changes that enable us to meet our goals. And your goal shouldn’t be perfection (which is unattainable, mostly because it doesn’t exist) — instead, your goal should be to constantly evolve your skills and strengths so that you, as an introvert, can survive in this extroverted world.

So if you’re shy or introverted and you think that there’s something wrong with you — something broken that you just can’t seem to fix — you’re wrong. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. You are perfect, just as you are, and you’re ready to work your way up to the stage.

Source – Guide to Public Speaking for Introverted and Shy People


What are some of the Alternatives to MBA?…


For some years, leading European business schools and universities have offered an alternative to the MBA, often called a Master’s in Management. Meant for those with little or no experience, it could be either a one-year or two-year degree. Some programs are lockstep, with all students taking the same courses, whereas others offer some choice of courses, even to the point of offering one or more concentrations in various specialties. French programs have traditionally (more…)

Resume for MBA: The Perfect Dimension of a Resume

For every applicant there is a weakness. That’s okay! This is the first reality that must be understood as you develop your position and become the “perfect applicant.” Remember, a 99.99 percentile on the CAT does not guarantee you admission into I.I.M.; You must have a balance of all four dimensions that every business school is in search of. this balance will reflect in your Resume for MBA.

Business School Admissions: profile for TOP Business School

Business School Admissions this is the first step of getting into a business school. the process of Business School Admissions is very crucial for a  person since it will decide his/her future.

The first aspect of differentiation that you must understand as a business school candidate is that all applicants have an Achilles’ heel(deadly weakness despite strenght). We all have a weakness in our profile that will be reflected in our application unless it is appropriately addressed.
Whether the issue is number of years of work experience, low G.P.A., poor writing ability, low C.A.T. score( competitive exam score), unconvincing interview skills, or overconfidence, all candidates have an aspect of their profiles that, un addressed, could lead to the dreaded rejections are commonly called.

Your profile consists of your academic background, professional experiences, and personal interests and activities. As much as possible, the components in your profile should be multifaceted and consistent with an overall theme.


Colleges under CMAT

These are management Colleges under CMAT  (Statewise) which will accept C.M.A.T. scores this year are as follow:

These are Colleges under CMAT Please go to the state and check college name under the respective states.
Colleges under CMAT