What is an MBA: Master of Business Administration

 What is an MBA in layman terms If you go by the dictionary definition an M.B.A. so what is an mba. it is a post graduate degree in business administration. M.B.A. or Masters in Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees among students over the world.But what is an MBA? The M.B.A. […]

What are some of the Alternatives to MBA?…

MASTER’S IN MANAGEMENT For some years, leading European business schools and universities have offered an alternative to the MBA, often called a Master’s in Management. Meant for those with little or no experience, it could be either a one-year or two-year degree. Some programs are lockstep, with all students taking the same courses, whereas others […]

Business School Admissions: profile for TOP Business School


Business School Admissions this is the first step of getting into a business school. the process of Business School Admissions is very crucial for a  person since it will decide his/her future. The first aspect of differentiation that you must understand as a business school candidate is that all applicants have an Achilles’ heel(deadly weakness despite strenght). […]